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August SAT makeup test - September 19

SAT and SAT with Essay - CONFIRMED




New SAT Health and Safety Policies and Procedures - Sept 19th and 26th, and Oct 3rd



Escola Americana de Campinas (EAC) will be administering the August 29 makeup test on September 19 and 26, and Oct3. We are adhering to local public health guidelines and following College Board requirements:

  • All students and staff are required to wear a mask or protective face covering during an SAT administration. Students won't be allowed in the test center without a mask, which is required for the entire duration of testing.

  • Students and staff members must bring 3 masks (replacement every 3 hours), hand sanitizer, and a full water bottle (with the beverage of your preference).

  • Students must arrive at the test center at 7:30 am

  • Students must confirm a series of statements prior to entering the test center or testing room. Testing staff will administer this survey verbally to all students, and deny entry to any student who doesn't confirm all the statements below or refuses to answer them. 

    • Students or staff who register a temperature of 37.50C or higher and/or will not be allowed access to campus.
    • In the past 14 days, I have not come into close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 test or is presumed to have Covid-19.
    • I do not have Covid-19 or have reason to believe I have Covid-19. Symptoms of Covid-19 include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.
    • To my knowledge, I am not violating any travel restrictions or quarantining requirements.
    • I agree to wear a mask the entire time I'm at this test center and follow instructions from test center staff, otherwise I will be dismissed.
    • We have taken measures to help create a safe testing environment; however, it isn't possible to entirely remove the risk of Covid-19 exposure. By entering the testing room, you're accepting that risk.
    • Show me your masks, hand sanitizer and water bottle.
  • If students don't feel well on test day, please stay home and contact the College Board Customer Service +1-212-713-7789.
  • Students must be seated at least 6 feet apart during testing and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Students who violate the requirements put in place by the test center or College Board should be dismissed from the test center; if this happens their scores will be canceled and they won't receive a refund.