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Mission Beliefs


A globally minded person respects, is interested in, appreciates and seeks to learn other cultures.  Although being multilingual is valued highly, the globally minded person also demonstrates a sensitivity to cultural values which influences their communication.  The globally minded person is open to viewing the world through different cultural perspectives while remaining anchored in their own identity. Curriculum and instructional practices encourage an awareness of world events and global perspectives. 


  • illustrates an awareness of current events
  • is multilingual
  • seeks to learn and appreciate other cultures
  • demonstrates an ability to consider different perspectives while remaining anchored in their own identity



Innovative thinkers and learners are open to a cycle of inquiry and discovery. They demonstrate agility by applying prior knowledge in new and varied situations.  Innovative learners and thinkers are aware of resources available to use including collaboration with others. They take ownership of learning, are willing to overcome obstacles, and are not afraid of failure.

  • is open to constant inquiry and discovery
  • applies prior knowledge to new and various situations
  • is aware of resources to support learning
  • collaborates to maximize learning
  • takes responsibility for their own learning
  • shows persistence in the face of setbacks and accountable risk taking to overcome those setbacks


Accountable risk takers choose and take on challenges that require they go beyond their current knowledge and skills.  They are open and honest with new experiences and ways of thinking and consider consequences before and after acting, taking on challenges in an ethical manner.  Accountable risk takers reflect on the outcome as well as the process to better prepare for future challenges.

  • challenges themselves to go beyond current knowledge and skills
  • is open to new experiences and ways of thinking
  • considers consequences and acts in an ethical manner
  • reflects on both the outcome and process



A community that nurtures passions, firstly, realizes that people have different passions and creates differentiated learning opportunities. This community motivates people to take responsible risks and push the frontiers of their knowledge, skills, and comfort in order to develop creativity in a broad range of endeavors. The community that nurtures passions is open-minded and collaborative and provides opportunities to showcase and celebrate those passions.

  • takes responsible risks and pushes the frontier of knowledge, skills and comfort
  • inspires creativity and innovation through a broad range of programs, learning environments and activities
  • is open minded and collaborative
  • celebrates and showcases passions



A thoughtful person is considerate of the well-being of others, thinking carefully about how what they say or do may affect people. They are active listeners showing sincere interest in what others have to say.  The thoughtful person cares about their environment and community.

A reflective individual must be able to assess any problem by looking carefully into their own practices, and sees the positive and negative consequences of their actions. They develop the necessary skills to address the areas to improve and be successful by reflecting on both the process and the outcome.

  • actively listens to others
  • is empathetic and considers how actions affect both self and others.
  • acknowledges strengths and weaknesses
  • foresees problems and develops strategies to resolve issues
  • reflects on the process and the outcome



An individual who strives for success discovers his or her passions.  This involves being mindful of the role each plays in promoting success of oneself and others. This person cultivates the strength to overcome obstacles and implement purposely designed habits for continuous improvement geared toward clearly defined goals.

  • promotes the success of self and others
  • cultivates strength to overcome obstacles
  • designs and implements habits for continuous improvement
  • creates clearly defined goals
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