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Vision Beliefs


In a caring, dynamic environment the differences of each individual are embraced in a strong, family-like community. By demonstrating genuine concern for safety and well-being, sincere interest, and investing time in one another connections are forged that create a sense of belonging.  Through this caring, dynamic environment members embrace change as a means of growth.

  • embraces differences of each individual
  • demonstrates concern for the safety and well being of others
  • is sincerely interested in others
  • devotes time to developing connections
  • embraces change as a means of growth


A life-long learner is self-motivated and pursues knowledge in various areas using different means. Ever curious, life-long learners believe they can always learn something new and that there is always something new to learn.  A life-long learner takes responsibility for their learning and, in doing so, finds intrinsic satisfaction in the act of learning .

  • pursues various areas of knowledge
  • uses different ways to learn
  • is curious
  • exhibits a growth mindset
  • is self-motivated and takes responsibility for learning
  • gains satisfaction in the act of learning



A community that helps members reach their fullest potential involves the entire community in a broad range of academic and extracurricular activities. It is intrinsically motivated to work collaboratively towards a common goal.   The community cultivates curiosity, reflection and self-awareness.  Through the promotion of a growth mindset culture, the community members persevere in the face of challenges.   Community members strive to meet high expectations while supporting others in the pursuit of their full potential.

  • Pursues opportunities to develop self-awareness
  • Demonstrates self-advocacy by taking responsibility learning
  • Strives to work collaboratively involving diverse members of the community
  • Builds empathy by recognizing, accepting and celebrating the variety of individuals
  • Shows resilience, perseverance and growth in the face of a challenge



A person who contributes to an ever-changing world is aware of both the immediate environment and their place in a global setting. In recognition of the finite resources of our planet this person promotes sustainability.  The person exhibits a natural curiosity in order to adapt to new situations.  A contributor to our ever-changing world seeks international experiences to develop understanding, tolerance and empathy and celebrates different cultures through creating and seeking opportunities to gather, communicate, listen, and connect.

  • Demonstrates natural curiosity to adapt to new situations
  • Communicates with clarity, tolerance and empathy in an international setting
  • Appreciates the abundance of opportunities
  • Understands that the world is unpredictable and evolving with resources that are finite
  • Contributes collaboratively to a community that celebrates diverse cultures and experiences



A community that advocates personalized learning identifies and supports the individual needs of learners and works to optimize development.  A variety of teaching strategies that acknowledge strengths and challenges are employed with learning opportunities that take place within and beyond the classroom.  The community embraces and respects those who learn differently and recognizes the importance of relationships built on trust, empathy and open communication.

  • Recognizes and supports the diversity of learners
  • Celebrates learning everywhere
  • Provides learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to maximize the potential
  • Builds relationships on trust, empathy and open communication
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