University / Career Advising

The Upper School provides students in Grades 9-12 with personalized career and university advising. Early academic planning is critical in helping students achieve long term success by aligning their strengths and interests with university programs and career paths. Beginning in Grade 9, students begin to explore their interests, aptitudes and strengths in Advisory 9. All Grade 10 students take the Morrisby Test which provides accurate information to help guide student career and university program decisions. Grade 10 students also receive counseling on course selection for their International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In Grades 11-12, students participate in a job shadowing experience and receive personalized support on the college/university admissions process from the High School Counselor/University Advisor, Ms. Karen Hafner.

More specifically, all EAC Grade 9-12 students receive the following support and services:

•Counseling in course selection for the IB Diploma Program.

•Introduction to the international university admissions processes.

•Parent information sessions on the university admissions process and the transition to university.

•Administration of personality and strengths inventories.

•Administration of career interest assessments.

•University search and exploration

•Coordinating visits from university admissions representatives.

•Scholarship/financial aid information sessions.

•Support to create a curriculum vitae.

•Support to write university admissions essays, personal statements, and letters of interest.

•Guidance on obtaining letters of recommendation.

•Preparing and submitting university applications.

•Transcripts to support university applications.

•Guidance on registering for on-site SAT and ACT university admissions assessments.

•Assistance with GAP year decisions.

•Individualized student and parent meetings about the university admissions process.

•Assistance with financial aid applications.

•Student study visa advice.

EAC is committed to preparing each student for a life after high school that is aligned with their strengths, interests, and aptitudes.