Student Life


Junior level 5th and 6th graders add volleyball to their opportunities and increase the number of games with other schools. By the 7th through 9th grades, JV stage students are engaging in serious completion including our JV tournament and can now show their skills in futsal and softball. Our varsity Athletes have the opportunity to add softball to their sports skills and participate in many games and tournaments including our traditional Big 8 with other American schools from the Southern cone. EAC giants: strong and proud.

Service Learning

6th-10th graders develop organizational and interpersonal skills through our community service and action program in which student generated and led groups address different needs in the Campinas area with the guidance of a teacher advisor. IB students must develop, complete and publish a reflection about a service project in the CAS program in order to achieve their IB diploma. EAC students understand that they often receive as much as give, not only through the satisfaction of helping others, but also through gaining the real world, workplace skills required to generate, manage and analyze the effectiveness of a project.


Drama is offered as an after school activity where students work with an outside professional on monologues and plays. This year, a student in the 11th grade has decided to direct a play as part of his CAS project in addition to the school program. The student has been working with a group of high school students since October on rehearsing the one act play Check Please by Johnathan Rand.

Model United Nations

The MUN club at EAC meets weekly on Thursdays and currently has 25 members. Usually we take part in two external conferences (SPMUN and BRAMUN) and hold one conference every year involving the whole High School. Since 2010, at least one of our students has been awarded as best delegate or receives an honorable mention at BRAMUN.


The Debate Team meets once a week to practice with two coaches. We study several styles, including British Parliamentary and Lincoln-Douglas, which includes cross-examination. The students work every week to prepare cases and arguments on a resolution statement that they have written, and we compete internally once a month. Last year we competed in a tournament at Graded and hosted one here at EAC. This year we will host another competition in the second semester, and we are hoping to add a middle-school division. Debate is an excellent activity for students who would like to improve their research skills, persuasive writing, critical thinking abilities, and public speaking.

Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is made up of a select group of 6-8 students each semester who compete in academic games against other schools in Brazil. Students attend two tournaments, one in October and another in March each year. The group meets weekly to train skills to improve their play and practice in specific areas of content knowledge.

Music Sectionals and Private Lessons

Music sectionals are a way for students to improve their skills in a group setting. The groups may be chamber groups or single instrument sections. Students may set up specific days and times for their groups to rehearse.