Student Support and Success

All students have unique abilities, learning styles and interests. We value and celebrate these differences.

EAC embraces diversity and is committed to supporting the learning needs of all students. Our Student Support and Success Program ensures that all students have equitable access to learning and opportunities to set goals and pursue different pathways to achieve goals. Through an inclusive and nurturing educational environment, students are encouraged to become independent, lifelong learners in a global society.

Learning Support: EAC employs a team of learning support specialists who work with teachers to provide academic support to students with diagnosed learning disabilities

Counseling: EAC employs a team of 4 counselors/psychologists who engage students in our social and emotional learning curriculum and provide students and families with counseling services and career/university advising.

English Language Learning: EAC employs a team of English language specialists who work with teachers to provide instruction and support to students in order to develop their basic interpersonal communication skills and academic English language skills.

Health & Nutrition Services: EAC employees two full time nurses and a nutritionist who provide health services including monitoring student health and well being.

Since EAC supports the implementation of an inclusion model, services are aligned as much as possible within the student’s general classroom environment.

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