Student Support and Success

All students have unique abilities, learning styles and interests. We value and celebrate these differences.

Escola Americana de Campinas embodies inclusion. We recognize that all learners benefit from a safe and supportive environment and understanding and supporting each child’s academic, social and personal growth is imperative to their success. EAC is committed to accept, support, include, and celebrate diversity in our community.

The Escola Americana de Campinas (EAC) serves all children in order to participate and experience success in educational programs on offer. EAC Student Support and Success Programs consist of the following:

  • A comprehensive school guidance program that includes counseling support, social and emotional learning, and career/university advising.
  • A Learning Support Program that includes services to support students with learning differences.
  • An English Language Learning Program that includes instruction and support to help students develop their basic interpersonal communication skills and academic English language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening).

  • Two fulltime nurses that provides health services including the assessment and monitoring of student health.

Since EAC supports the implementation of an inclusion model, services are aligned as much as possible within the student’s general classroom environment.

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