Professional Learning at EAC

At EAC, the faculty/staff are the most important resources. Consequently, EAC is deeply committed to providing professional development opportunities to support student learning, continuous improvement of professional performance, and school operations. Improvements in these areas will enhance student learning and experience which is the ultimate goal.

Effective professional development provides EAC employees with opportunities to observe, practice, reflect, and refine. More specifically, effective professional learning at EAC

  • respects and nurtures the intellectual and leadership capacities of members of faculty and administration;
  • reflects best available practices in teaching, learning, assessment, and management and leadership;
  • enables teachers and teacher assistants to develop further expertise in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technologies, and other essential elements in teaching to high standards;
  • enables members of the administration to further develop expertise in management, leadership, and school operations;
  • is evaluated ultimately on the basis of impact on student learning, teacher effectiveness, and school operations.

Several mutually beneficial partnerships support professional learning at EAC. Some examples of partnerships and professional learning are as follows:

State University of New York: Buffalo State

Over 30 EAC faculty have earned an an onsite Masters Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies with a focus on 21st century learning over the past 4 years.

Association of American Schools in Brazil (AASB)

EAC Faculty have an opportunity to engage in a variety of professional learning opportunities at various workshops and conferences sponsored by American Schools in Brazil. This includes the annual Jornada designed for teachers of the Brazilian curriculum.

Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA)

EAC Faculty have an opportunity to engage in a variety of professional learning opportunities at various institutes and conferences sponsored by American Schools in Brazil.

International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)

Teachers of the International Baccalaureate Program (Grades 11-12) participate workshops designed by the IBO to ensure that they are well equipped to engage students in a rigorous and challenging program.

American Montessori Society

All EAC Pre-School Teachers have taken part in extensive workshop training to earn a qualification from the American Montessori Society.


All EAC Faculty members participate in online learning in order to earn Google Level 1 Certification for Educators. Consequently faculty are proficient in teaching students to use google tools to support their learning.

On-Site Consultants

EAC brings in several consultants onsite annually to work with teachers and administrators to support school wide priorities. Over the past two years, EAC has invited consultants to provide workshops and trainings in the following areas: Design Thinking, Literacy (Reading & Writing Workshop), Child Protection, Applied Mathematics, 21st Century Science Standards, English language learning, Computer Coding & Programming, etc.