Pre-School Overview

Maria Montessori said “Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world,” which is what has been happening in EAC’s preschool.

Teachers trained and certified by the AMS in Montessori methodology guide 2-5 year olds through this exciting stage of their development. At 100 years old, Montessori is both traditional and still progressive. The “absorbent minds” as Maria Montessori referred to preschool children, are invited to explore the world through developing practical life, sensorial, social and emotional skills as well as physically by developing their fine and gross motor skills. Children leave Montessori with basic numeracy and literacy as well as with work habits conducive to learning.

EAC’s 2-year-old toddlers are under the care of specially trained teachers guiding them as they take their first steps on a journey of lifelong learning. With other two year old friends, EAC toddlers develop their oral English language and number skills while becoming more independent through learning how to care for themselves and respect others.

Students ages 3-5 work cooperatively and independently in mixed aged classrooms allowing them to develop at their pace and completely, integrally, holistically. They gain a great respect for others, the environment and, through their autonomy, respect for themselves.

Beyond their self-contained Montessori classes, EAC preschoolers have Art, Music, and PE classes further developing their skills through the thrill of creative and physical activities. In addition to having a rich children’s library in the classroom to make language development fun, students also start visiting our main library. Being 21st century kids, EAC students start using computers in preschool in a preschool technology lab designed especially for them.

Patrícia Menezes
Preschool Principal