Student Support and Success

The Elementary School of EAC embodies inclusion. We recognize that all learners benefit from a safe and supportive environment and understanding and supporting each child’s academic, social and personal growth is imperative to their success. We are therefore strongly committed to accepting, supporting, including, and celebrating diversity in our community. The Elementary School incorporates a number of resources and approaches to supporting our learners


In addition to differentiated lesson planning, Homeroom and Learning Support teachers work together to develop and implement individualized learning strategies for identified students. Withdrawing students for individualized instruction outside the classroom is supplemental and used to assist identified students in developing specific skills required to meet grade level standards.


The English Language Learning (ELL) program is designed to provide academic and social language support for non-native English speakers in the Elementary School in Grades Two to Grade Five. The primary purpose of the program is to ensure that all students become proficient in English and achieve personal academic success. The ELL program addresses individualized needs and learning styles through one-on-one, small group instruction (pull-out), in-class (also called push-in) support, in consultation with the Homeroom teacher.


The Elementary Developmental Counseling Program promotes and enhances the development of the whole student with significant focus on the pastoral care component of counseling so that all students are supported in realizing their academic, personal, social, and emotional success during their time in the Elementary School.