Elementary Curriculum

The Elementary School’s comprehensive curriculum draws from rigorous international standards and instructional practices to enhance student learning and promote individual success.


EAC is proud to be a dual language school with a commitment in the Elementary School to developing the fundamental literacy skills of all learners in both Portuguese and English through comprehensive standards-based curricular.

Elementary School English Language Arts Curriculum

Elementary School Portuguese Language Arts Curriculum

All Elementary students engage in daily Portuguese and English Language Arts lessons. Outside of targeted Portuguese Language Arts instruction, the language medium for learning is English.


EAC students acquire and construct mathematical meaning through relevant and realistic contexts. Individual mathematical development is guided by rich learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum


The prime objective of assessment in the Elementary School is to provide feedback on the learning process in order to support and guide student learning. Progress towards grade level standards is assessed in a variety of ways consisting of, though not limited to, teacher observation, class work, common assessment tasks and unit projects.

In the Elementary School, written reports are issued four times a year offering feedback on student understanding, progress and areas for future growth. Written reports are issued at the end of each semester, with mid-semester reports also issued twice a year.

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are conducted twice each year, along with a Student-led Conference in the third quarter. During conferences student’s work is shared, their progress discussed and goals developed for the learning period ahead.

Emphasis is placed on developing foundations and strong conceptual understandings in literacy and numeracy. Complementary to the English and Portuguese Language Arts and Mathematics disciplines, the Elementary curriculum framework offers a balanced academic profile including Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Social Studies and Science. Information, Communication and Technology, as well as safety and wellness education are integrated throughout the curriculum. Students have access to an extensive collection of learning resources, and a range of technology devices within classrooms as well as the Library Learning Commons and a maker space lab.