Distance Learning


EAC’s Distance Learning Plan (DLP) describes how we will ensure that learning continues in the event of a school closure due to a disruption beyond our control. The objective is to continue learning when the campus is closed. The DLP describes EAC’s approach to distance learning which includes:

  • Communication Channels and Tools
  • EAC Distance Learning Roles and Responsibilities
  • Teaching/Pedagogical Guidelines
  • Student Expectations
  • Parent Guidelines
  • School Plans (Preschool, Elementary School, Upper School

This plan is the product of collaboration with colleagues at our school and from other international schools around the world.

EAC deliberately uses the term ​distance learning rather than technology-specific labels such as “virtual learning,” “e-learning,” or “online classes.” This choice reflects our conviction that quality learning can occur at a distance without solely relying on computers. EAC’s goal is for students to read, communicate, problem solve, explore, and engage in authentic learning experiences, while continuing to be physically active.

Please note that EAC acknowledges  that learning experiences designed by  teachers in a regular school setting cannot be  replicated through distance learning. In particular, the invaluable social interactions and mediation that occurs naturally among students and between teachers and students cannot be recreated in the same way. However, with support from teachers and families and with the availability of various technology systems and tools, students will continue to learn at home in authentic, and meaningful ways, and teachers will continue to maintain their relationships with students and teach.