Community Service and Action

Community Service and Action involves teaching and learning that connects academics, personal growth and civic responsibility with positive and meaningful action in the community- home, classroom, campus, local and global community. This program engages students to develop new skills and knowledge through integrated connections to the academic curriculum and opportunities to apply their knowledge in new and purposeful ways.

Community Service & Action Learning Principles
  • Students learn from, and are enriched by the perspectives of others
  • We have a responsibility to the community in which we live
  • Meaningful service is best achieved through sustained reciprocal partnerships
  • Service has deeper meaning and consequences when integrated into curriculum
  • Leadership, teamwork, communication, and mutual respect are fundamental for successful service experiences

Students engage in developmentally appropriate community service and action experiences throughout the school. In Pre-School and Elementary School, opportunities for students to take action that benefits their classroom and/or community is embedded into the curriculum. Students in the Upper School participate in community service projects, usually in partnership with an outside organization, that complements their learning.

Community Service & Action Learning Cycle

Students in Grades 11-12 are required to engage in at least one community service project in order to earn both the American High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.