Food Service

EAC provides an on campus cafeteria for students and parents to enjoy with the goal of providing a variety of healthy and tasty food. As a school, we promote and encourage healthy eating patterns for the community to support health and overall well-being.

Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of food and drink services at EAC promote the health and well being of students, faculty/staff and visitors by providing nutritious options and empowering students to make healthy choices. More specifically, EAC and the appointed caterer will ensure this through:

  • High standards for kitchen hygiene and food preparation
  • Advocating natural, unprocessed food and beverages
  • Healthy and ethically sourced food
  • Respect for the environment

In order to achieve the goal, EAC is committed to:

  • Working closely with the appointed school’s caterer
  • Being sensitive to religious and ethnic preferences
  • Ensuring allergy awareness
  • Requiring its caterer introduce varied, balanced school meals
  • Including learning associated with healthy balanced diets in its curriculum
  • Providing information on healthy foods for students to share with parents
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy eating environment for students, staff and visitors
  • Making arrangements for monitoring and evaluating the food service provider to ensure these objectives are met

Christina Stier Coelho

EAC Nutritionist/Dietitian