We know from research and experience that the quality of teaching is directly linked to student achievement. We are proud of our qualified, talented multinational faculty who bring passion, professionalism, and a strong commitment to ensure that each and every student is appropriately challenged and supported. Representing seven different nationalities, the EAC faculty brings rich, diverse experiences and perspectives to their students on a daily basis. All faculty members who teach outside of the Brazilian Program are fluent in English

EAC faculty members are able to:
  • design and deliver engaging, rigorous, and relevant instruction and assessment;
  • provide substantive feedback to students and parents about achievement and effort;
  • collaborate with colleagues to improve student learning outcomes.
  • reflect upon and use pertinent learning evidence (data) to inform instructional decisions;
  • create well structured and purposeful learning environments (digital & nondigital) that empower students to think, create, innovate, and collaborate.