Creative Arts

The Arts offerings provide students the opportunity to develop and nurture their growing talents through an innovative and creative experience. EAC’s creative arts programs focus on self improvement, developing social skills, cooperation, teamwork and leadership. Students involved have opportunities throughout the school year to perform or display their creativity.

The visual arts program addresses four major areas: creative expression, aesthetic perception, informed judgment and artistic heritage. The program encompasses a broad range of media and techniques from pencil sketches to acrylic painting, from papermaking, printmaking and photography to ceramics and sculpture, from the ages of 3 to the end of high school.

Beginning at the age of 3, EAC students are in contact with music. Classes follow either the curricular program, through the ORFF method, or the after school program with guitar and violin classes. In middle school, students learn percussion with Brazilian and international rhythms, and can also join the Band program in the after school program, which is also offered to high school. In this program, students with musical talent get together, under the supervision of experienced teachers, to practice and prepare for presentations.

EAC students also have an opportunity to take individual or small group music lessons after school (guitar, violin, percussion, etc.) with a qualified instructor


The “Drama Club” performs two plays per year, usually in English. With teacher guidance, students are in charge of the whole operation, from the artistic performance to sound control and producing invitations.