Virtual Admissions Procedures

Step 1: Online Inquiry

Please complete the online inquiry form in either English or Portuguese to express interest in EAC. This is a mandatory step in the EAC admissions process. 


Step 2: Video Conference with the Admissions Coordinator

Contact EAC Admissions Coordinator Lelia Almeida and schedule a video conference. Learn about EAC’s vision, mission, and core values, school programs, faculty/staff, grade level placement, and school fee structure. 

Korean parents/guardians may contact Korean Liaison Officer Rita Lee to schedule a video conference. 


Step 3: Virtual Tour of the Campus

Take a virtual tour of the EAC campus and browse the EAC website. 


Step 4: Complete Application 

All applicants are required to submit a complete application, which includes required documents such as school records, transcripts, an academic history form, etc.

You may access one of the following applications below:

For students coming from international schools in Brazil or abroad

Para alunos vindos de Escolas Brasileiras


Step 5: Online Assessment 

Complete an online English language assessment (Grades 3-12) and a writing sample in a setting that is monitored by an invigilator/proctor. Please contact Admissions Coordinator Lelia Almeida +55 19 2102-1011 to schedule an online assessment. 


Step 6 Decision Making Process

The Admissions Committee will review the completed application and make a decision. If a child meets admissions requirements, then the process will move to Step 7 – Video Conference with the School Principal/Assistant Principal.

If a place is not available in the grade level, then the child will be placed in Step 8A- Waiting Pool. 


Step 7: Video Conference with the School Principal / Assistant Principal

Learn more about the EAC experience by scheduling a conference with the school principal in English or Portuguese. Please contact Admissions Coordinator Lelia Almeida +55 19 2102-1011 to arrange an appointment. 

Korean applicants may schedule a videoconference with the Korean Liaison Officer Rita Lee.  


Step 8 Matriculation

The following documents must be submitted electronically to the Admissions Coordinator:  

·       RG/RNE

·       Birth Certificate

·       Vaccination Card

·       Official Transcripts (issued by the school(s))

Brazilian students, coming from Brazilian schools, must submit (electronically) the official school transcript ("Histórico Escolar") from their previous schools. 


Step 8A: Waiting Pool

An applicant will be placed in a waiting pool if there are no available spaces in the particular grade level.

While EAC will endeavor to maintain contact with families in the waiting pool, it is important for parents to maintain regular contact with the Admissions Coordinator to express continued interest. Failure to do so may result in the child’s name being removed from the waiting pool.