Dates and Deadlines

Families may apply to EAC for matriculation to start during the 1st semester (August) or 2nd semester (January) of the school year. The admissions season consists of five phases which are listed below.

Entrance in August
Entrance in January

1-Delivery of admissions documents

Mid April

Mid Sept

2-Admissions Tests *

3rd & 4th week of April

3rd & 4th week of October

3-Recommendation regarding acceptance **

2nd week of May

2nd week of November

4-Final decision based on availability of school vacancies

End of May

Mid December

5-Delivery of documents, matriculation and payments

June and July

December and January

* Admissions assessments in Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics will be administered to all applicants beginning during the second semester of 2nd grade. There is a fee for the administration of admissions assessments. Please contact the Admissions Director for details.

** Principals’ decision on a candidate’s acceptance is based on the academic history, recommendation letters, and assessment results. All admissions decisions are based upon the availability of places in a grade level.

Obs: EAC will not consider applicants for admissions for the 12th grade (senior) year. This includes students who were previously enrolled at EAC but withdrew to change schools or to participate in a cultural exchange. This information is consistent with our 'regimento' (Brazilian Program policy).