10 Reasons to Join EAC

Inspiring Teachers

Our qualified teachers possess a passion for teaching and learning and are deeply committed to working in partnership with parents to support students.

Top Notch Learning Results

We just don't claim that our students will work to their potential and earn excellent results; we prove it.

Extraordinary Care

Research indicates that the student-teacher relationship has the greatest impact on student learning, even beyond curriculum. Low class sizes along with our Student Support and Success Program (Counseling, Career/University Advising, English Language Learning, Learning Support) reflect our commitment to care for our students.

Student Wellness

Our students develop habits of good health and strong character in order to reach their academic and personal potential.

Competitive University Admissions

Equipped with three diplomas: American High School, Brazilian Ensino Médio, and the International Baccalaureate, our students gain admission into top notch universities in Brazil and all over the world.

Tried and True History

For over six decades, EAC has transformed the lives of thousands of students and their families from around the world- American Heritage, Brazilian Home, Global Family.

Trust School

As a non-profit school, all school fees are directly invested back into school and student learning.

A Great Learning Environment

Students learn and interact on a lush, green 12-acre campus with purpose-built educational and athletic facilities.

Committed to Innovation

The world is changing, and EAC is responding. Our students engage in design thinking in order to make, create, and innovate.

Personalised Learning

At EAC, we engage and motivate our students by providing different learning paths to foster their talents and open doors to their future.